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Rosil is a family enterprise, founded in 1980. At the beginning our production program contained plastic products, later we succeeded to be the first in the area of former Yugoslavia to manufacture extruded silicone products using a continuous process ? standardized electro insulation and thick-wall hoses as well as silicone profiles / gaskets, above all for industrial applications, and still being our core business.

Silicone gaskers are manufactured either within our regular program, or according to customer?s orders and individual reqirements. We operate in our administration-manufacturing edifices, using the production equipment being result of our own development.


Silicone profiles are used for sealing, vibration damping, noise reduction and heat loss reduction, especially in the field of domestic appliances. Silicone electro insulation tubes are used for insulation of wires and flexible cords in electronic equipment, electric machines and apparatus, especially at high frequences and high operating temperatures. We manufacure ? upon request ? thick-wall silicone hoses and cords (food quality as well), which could be cut to desired lengths. We manufacture gaskets for electic kitchen-ranges and those using solid fuel, with corresponding metal parts being built-in.

Gaskets for civil engeneering (building) elements represent important group of our products. We developed silicone packings designed to retighten old doors and windows, and the mounting procedure is already going on throughout Slovenia. This is how we broadened the use of our products out of the specialized industrial areas.


We?ve been participating independently in various fairs and exhibitions for several years, entering at the same time the European market. The company?s business strategy is set to preserve and to permanently improve quality of the products on the one hand, and service for our customers on the other hand. A buyer means a real business partner to us, and we tend to solve his problem situation through mutual cooperation. Customers are getting more and more demanding, therefore our advantage lays in quick respons and ability to adapt to the market needs. This is achieved by our permanent improvement as well as by paying regard to feedback information from our partners. Do become our partner, too.


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